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Jolin Tsai #3

New Jewelry Pieces!

It's been a while since I made any metal jewelry (or anything else remotely artistic for that matter). So when I went home for midterm break a few weeks back, I made a few new pieces upon a friend's request. Unfortunately, my hands have the injuries to prove it...and...my friend doesn't like them X_X"

Anyways! *stops self before rambling*
Pendant: Time Memory *based on a drama series*

Pendant: Rain

Pendant: J.Lo *her initials*

On a side note, a pair of simple treble clef earrings I made for another friend. At least she likes them ^^"



I know, I know, but "Rain" was made from wire, but the hourglass is made from sheet metal~ Obviously if I had more time, I would have preferred a wax cast or something...

Like cosplay jewelry *falls* It's about 1.5" tall, the angle of the photo exaggerates the size~
...ehhhhh. Wasn't it silver that you used?

One of these days, you should totally write a tutorial and show us the amount of work needed for one of these oieces.

^^ nya?~