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Jolin Tsai #3

New Jewelry Pieces!

It's been a while since I made any metal jewelry (or anything else remotely artistic for that matter). So when I went home for midterm break a few weeks back, I made a few new pieces upon a friend's request. Unfortunately, my hands have the injuries to prove it...and...my friend doesn't like them X_X"

Anyways! *stops self before rambling*
Pendant: Time Memory *based on a drama series*

Pendant: Rain

Pendant: J.Lo *her initials*

On a side note, a pair of simple treble clef earrings I made for another friend. At least she likes them ^^"



I like the teardrop one the best too! And producing shiny custom made is such a cool idea with lots of potential.

The best part is the curvey pointed ends in the middle of the hourglass.

As for critique?
hnnn... The rounded ones (like the teardrop one) looks better than the flat pieces, just because jewlery don't tend to be flat unless it's for cosplay. In which case, many of them are flat and exaggerated in size.

....which might be the problem with the first one... judging by your neckline... that piece is 2 inches tall??
I know, I know, but "Rain" was made from wire, but the hourglass is made from sheet metal~ Obviously if I had more time, I would have preferred a wax cast or something...

Like cosplay jewelry *falls* It's about 1.5" tall, the angle of the photo exaggerates the size~
...ehhhhh. Wasn't it silver that you used?

One of these days, you should totally write a tutorial and show us the amount of work needed for one of these oieces.

^^ nya?~