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Cosmode 26 - I Got In?

Look! Look! My C.C. cosplay got into Cosmode 26 ^^"

Too bad I'm a tiny dot~


Awesome! Now you shall have adoring fans, hehe! :D
Haha...it would have been nice, but even I missed myself when I was looking at this scan two weeks back~ So sad that I had to have friends point me out for me ^^"
Wow, cool! And the funny thing is, the girl that's the Water!Link character (whatever that is, I still don't know ^^; ) is another one of my friends, lol. You guys are awesome. XD
The Water!Link is so beautifully done~ The details are so clean~ At least her pic was big enough to see all the work put into it~


P.S. Are you the only whose photo will be printed in a photographer's book or something? When is that coming out?
I think she MAAAAY be from Ohio or Pennsylvania, 'cause she comes to Tekkoshocon all the time. (I think she also has an identical twin and the two have gone as different types of Soras before. XD)

Hmmm, the book came out two or so months ago though I'm still kind of uncertain about the style of it. I think she may have like, 2 pictures on each page? Not sure. ^^; I'm getting mine from the actual person at Tekkoshocon, so we'll see how that goes. XD
That's awesome. <3 Congrats on being there ^^
Thanks! The fact that it's Cosmode makes me very happy~
Still awesome~!

So are you going to AN this year??

If all goes as planned, 90% chance I will make it to AN!
Will your friend come with you again this year?
Also wondering if you will be sharing a room with me and liane or planing on having your own room?
I have no idea~ She's still in high school and we haven't really talked lately~

But I'm still not sure if I can go yet...