January 30th, 2007

Aiba Hiroki #2

Switch wo Osutoki - Aiba Hiroki's Photosets for Auction!

Hiya ^_^

I’m auctioning off one of each of the Aiba Hiroki’s Photosets that was released to promote the Switch wo Osutoki DVD. They are brand new packages that were only opened for photography purposes.

When my friend in Japan ordered mine, I asked her to buy an extra set for LJ users because we all know deputy services can be very expensive. After adding up all the commission charges, taxes, customs, domestic and international shipping, etc., the total can be really high. So I hope I can help someone to save some money and time ^_^

Or maybe I should just start minding my own business from now on…^_^

The Auction has Ended

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Please comment if interested ^_^ And please ask if there is any questions…