Code Geass #2

MSN: Web Retired

Hmmmm...Microsoft decided to retire MSN web messenger~

Just my luck! It just had to happen when I actually 1) have the time and 2) need to discuss a few things with friends in different time zones...*not in the position to make long-distance phone calls...

I need to either figure out how to use the new live version or download MSN~

Great...just another chance to showcase the lack of cooperation between technology and me ^^"
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Hongo Kanata #1

Free Stuff? Always a Bonus!

I got home last night…2 weeks ahead of schedule *not exactly happy about that~ As much as I love my parents, the place I currently have to call “home” is one that tortured me for two years through high school and not exactly full of happy memories…

In any case, I will hold back on the sob stories and talk about something happier: Montreal Fashion & Design Festival (aka. Festival Mode & Design)!

In addition to all the fashion shows (which will be elaborated in a later post with pics), the special stores events give off a feel of totally VIP treatment. Think rolled-out carpet, velvet ropes, cocktails, food plates going around, cameras flashing everywhere, great customer service, and free gifts with every purchase.

Of course free stuff is plentiful in general at the festival. Just walking down the length of the tents and you would end up with a collection of stuff like this (no purchase necessary):

As much as I appreciate free make-up, I already have a drawer that’s full of brand-new unused cosmetic products that will probably never see the light of day. Aside from lip gloss, I rarely use other forms of make-up; YET every time I go into a department store, I always get handed samples, every time I go cosmetic shopping with friends, I end up with their gift samples, and I always get make-up as gifts. I wonder if that’s all hinting I should use more make-up? Who knows?

My point: IS anyone on my f-list interested in any or all of the items below? All brand new in their packaging and I would be happy to ship to anywhere in the world, free of any charges:

  • Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara (Blackest Black)
  • Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara (Blackest Black)
  • Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer & Highlighter (310 Light-Medium)
  • Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup (Light-Medium)

I don’t exactly want to toss them into that ominous drawer when they could be loved elsewhere ^^”
Thanks, packages has been sent!

Home Sweet Home? Time to unpack...
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Hongo Kanata #2

Tiny Times 1.0

Look at the picture below, take a guess: What do you think this guy’s occupation is?



Answer: Guo Jingming, at age 25, is China’s current top-selling author and a multimillionaire.

…say what?

Collapse )

In any case, getting back to the point: Am I the only one who was surprised at what he has accomplished by his age? Did anyone guess writer when they saw the photo?

So this is the new generation...

It is people like him who make me feel like I should be so much further ahead in life than I am now.


When would I make my first million?

Or better question: when would I finish paying off my student debt?

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Jolin Tsai #3

New Jewelry Pieces!

It's been a while since I made any metal jewelry (or anything else remotely artistic for that matter). So when I went home for midterm break a few weeks back, I made a few new pieces upon a friend's request. Unfortunately, my hands have the injuries to prove friend doesn't like them X_X"

Anyways! *stops self before rambling*
Pendant: Time Memory *based on a drama series*

Pendant: Rain

Pendant: J.Lo *her initials*

On a side note, a pair of simple treble clef earrings I made for another friend. At least she likes them ^^"

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