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Code Geass #2

MSN: Web Retired

Hmmmm...Microsoft decided to retire MSN web messenger~

Just my luck! It just had to happen when I actually 1) have the time and 2) need to discuss a few things with friends in different time zones...*not in the position to make long-distance phone calls...

I need to either figure out how to use the new live version or download MSN~

Great...just another chance to showcase the lack of cooperation between technology and me ^^"


O_O SERIOUSLY?! Where's this announcement?

I like MSN. D:
Oh wait, it's a different program from MSN Live Messenger. Oh good. @_@; Nevermind, haha.
Sorry for scaring you!

It's just the web version that got retired and now I have to figure out how to use the hotmail im thingy...

*need to download software soon~
I just downloaded the new live messenger... I'm also illiterate with software and computers, so much stress was had. D:

*kicks Vista who makes worst things, even worst*
Oh Vista! It keeps prompting me to install unnecessary software...honestly, they need to understand that simple is best!
Huh? weird, I'm still using the old msn.
Did you download the software for it? If so, I think that's the difference, mine was 100% online~