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Jolin Tsai #3

Nail Art Take Two

Some of my recent attempts at nail art~ I'm rather fond of few ^^"



your nail arts are really cute~ i liked the first one... those must be tedious to make... @_@
Thank you!

It does take some time to get all the details right, but I find manicures to be really relaxing and I am rather fond of the results, so it's definitely worth the time for me!

I'm getting a refill on Thursday (need to find a new/better place) and there's no way they can do ones as nice as you!

I would love to see some pics of your refills!
These are ADORABLE! I absolutely loved the pockadot ones and the sparkly purple gradient one the most.

Those two are my favorites from this set!
Oh, awesome! Ironically, I like the ones with flowers, the details look amazing. :)
Thank you so much!

I'm not usually fond of flowers *since I'm allergic, but small decors like that makes me rather happy~
I love the pokadots and checkered ones the most~

Those two were the most time consuming out of the bunch, but I really love the results!