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Hongo Kanata #2

Tiny Times 1.0

Look at the picture below, take a guess: What do you think this guy’s occupation is?



Answer: Guo Jingming, at age 25, is China’s current top-selling author and a multimillionaire.

…say what?

After finish reading one of his recent works "Tiny Times 1.0" instead of studying for my final (which, thankfully is over today!) two nights ago, there was a very uncomfortable dissonance between my expectations and reality.

In short, the book was a disappointment.

I don’t deny that I enjoyed his writing style, but for an author who has sold so many copies of his books, I had expected something extraordinary...Perhaps if I was a few years younger and still in my early teens, I might have fallen in love with his work. I used to be so utterly, hopelessly romantic…*will stop self before start rambling endlessly

In any case, getting back to the point: Am I the only one who was surprised at what he has accomplished by his age? Did anyone guess writer when they saw the photo?

So this is the new generation...

It is people like him who make me feel like I should be so much further ahead in life than I am now.


When would I make my first million?

Or better question: when would I finish paying off my student debt?



Oh god, don't talk like that. @_@; People at HOLLYWOOD make me feel like I should've done something spectacular years ago.

By the way, I totally thought that was a doll or a photoshopped image. O_o; He looks too... fragile, I guess?
I've totally accepted the fact that only so few people could claim a spot in the world of the rich, famous, and powerful...I'm not bothered by that fact any more...

I just wish I don't have to stress about tuition...^_^"
I'm not a fan of Twilight...*never made it past the first few pages

Pop culture...even when the economy is in a slump, there's still money to be made huh?
Gigolo or a bouncer? That was my first guess. (ah, either wasn't very innocent of me.. XD) Wow, that photo's amazing.

OMG!!! He's like a real life Eiri Yuki!!! (from BL manga Gravitation) The uber beautiful young author Eiri Yuki writes best sellers catering to the female fantasy. Also a multi-millionaire.
Guo Jingming should find himself a younger boyfriend.

Don't worry! I'll be in school for more years than you... and thus procure a ton more student debt. Yay~

*figures your mind would...work that way ^^"

*no comment about Eiri Yuki

Let us make progress in accumulating/paying off our school debts!
Oh no! I took your bait! Ahhh... I'm too predictable... XD

Eiri Yuki is <3
I did enjoy the book, but I guess I just had really high expectations after reading about all the awards and recognitions he has gotten. I have not read his other works other than Tiny Times 1.0, so I'm not an accurate judge for his future potential. However, I believe as long as an author's name is on the book, he/she should be fully responsible, even though perhaps this book in particular does not reflect his/her trademark...

Please and thank you if you could answer me!

Can I know if this book has an English version?
I can understand Chinese but I'm not able to read in CHinese