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Jolin Tsai #3

New Jewelry Pieces!

It's been a while since I made any metal jewelry (or anything else remotely artistic for that matter). So when I went home for midterm break a few weeks back, I made a few new pieces upon a friend's request. Unfortunately, my hands have the injuries to prove it...and...my friend doesn't like them X_X"

Anyways! *stops self before rambling*
Pendant: Time Memory *based on a drama series*

Pendant: Rain

Pendant: J.Lo *her initials*

On a side note, a pair of simple treble clef earrings I made for another friend. At least she likes them ^^"



Long time no talk. Whose turn to email now?
And why would your friend not like these? The first two are amazing! (the initials mean nothing to me and my ears aren't pierced, so my reaction to those are more 'meh' lol)
What stone (is it a stone?) did you use in "Rain"?
It's my turn *hides in shame*

My friend has very high standards? Haha, the stone is actually a type of shell~ I actually preferred one with a more pronounced color wave, but she like pure blue, so...

Don't be sad!
It's very pretty! Very very pretty. ^-^
[And email soon! lol]